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Shine, Shine, Shine, Kenni & Company's new recording, is now available for purchase at shows and at

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So you see, you can also buy the cd, webophilically or webophobically, directly from Kenni's label, Noonday Moon Productions. For all you ebay addicts, PayPal is an option, or, If you feel the urge to purchase by snail mail right this minute, send a check for $12 plus $2 shipping to: Noonday Moon Productions / 760 Market Street, Suite 315 / San Francisco, CA 94102


Kenni, the first album, is in its second pressing and is once again available. Visit

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... or PayPal (are you noticing a pattern here?...)

Kenni can also be had at, but of all the options, that is the one that's least beneficial to the artist, if you know what i mean. seriously, though--whatever's most comfortable for you...

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