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Raging blue said, I'm alive again; this time I'm playing my way
So pool balls and state laws and Carl tending bar, they all bent to obey
Those eyes blazing like dawn of the seventh day
Like ten million diamonds of moon on the bay
Like the red neon dance in the Tenderloin night
The honey-gold halo of the jukebox half-light

So Carl cleared a place for me at the bar
Though he'd never seen me before
He could see that I saw it, so he let me sit
Though I never asked him to pour
We made empty-glass toasts, drank in liquid light
Watched her shine
Watched her shine

I did a take over my shoulder then; could she be looking my way?
She sent them home, trailing off one by one; steady blue told me to stay
She wrapped around me like firelight on frozen hands
She soaked in like cool rain on drought-wasted lands
She slept holding on 'til the windows spilled dawn
But that night she faded and the next night was gone

So Carl cleared a place for me at the bar
With a no-tricks wink, no questions asked
And I'm not one to drink, but I tapped for one
And we toasted the night before last
And it burned down with bitter truth, sweet memory
Did we shine
Did we shine

She's floating an inch off the ground
It comes sunblind clear as I feel my head pound
She stands alone in that pool of light
So I'll sit back and wait from a distance tonight
And every night

So Carl, clear a place for me at the bar
I'm not moving 'til you lock the door
And I promise to be quiet
If you promise to pour
And I'll sit here in the shadows
Watch her shine
Watch her shine
Watch her shine
Watch her shine

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